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We seek courageous challenges, the pursuit of excellence, passionate people. We will accept, discover and train talents with an open view of talent

If you are looking for employment opportunities in the following conditions
  • Challenging and valuable work

  • Opportunities for immediate impact

  • To improve human life

  • A learning and sustainable growth company

Welcome to join the team to create a healthy, Sunneetek, happy, meaningful life!

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When you enter the Suneetek website contact page, you are our distinguished guests, welcome to the beautiful city - Xiamen. If needed, please kindly make an appointment by calling: 15960267692, we will arrange pick up for you! Thank you!

Xiamen Suneetek Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.

  • Address: B, building 5F, 89 South HouXiang Road, Haicang Xinyang Industrial Zone, Fujian, Xiamen
  • Telephone: +86-592-6581719
  • Mobile: +86-153-9626-5905
  • Email:sales1@suneetek.com
  • Website: www.suneetek.com

Travel advice

  • Xiamen Railway Station: around 20KM to Suneetek
  • Xiamen North Railway Station: around 22KM to Suneetek
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Job Responsibilities:


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