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Company Profile

  • Xiamen Suneetek Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.

    Founded in 2014, it focuses on negative pressure wound therapy and elderly care products.R&D,production,sales,service in one. The purpose of medical and elderly care products is to accelerate wound healing and reduce the workload of medical staff, improve the patients'life quality.The team is committed to improve human life! Covering an area of 18000 square meters, the factory has 10000 I clean workshop and laboratory built according to GMP standard.The introduced advanced production and test equipment are compliance with the laws and regulations,ISO13485 medical equipment quality management system.

  • Xiamen Suneetek Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.

    Mission: to improve human life.
    Vision: to become a respected medical equipment well-known enterprises.


Management Idea

Sound management, innovation, and create value for customers, employees, shareholders and society


Strive to become a respected medical equipment well-known enterprises se

Enterprise Spirit

Focus, rigorous learning, innovation, courage, challenge, the pursuit of excellence


To improve human life


  • Marked by the "Shengci" initials "S.C" combination of design, like a pair of hand care are closely linked, on behalf of the company has an open, inclusive platform for cooperation, take care of every customer.
  • Next to it, it represents a little more affection for patients. The middle blank "S" is like a Taiji Yin and Yang, symbolizing our cooperation, interdependence and vitality.
  • Suneetek also represents: Holiness, divine mercy, compassion!